7/9/2021 - PowerTools Core
DESCRIPTION: One of the PowerTools licensing servers went down to to power issues, and this caused PowerTools to display error message to users.
RESOLUTION: Lender Toolkit has brought the licensing server back online and PowerTools was patched in version to fail gracefully.

6/16/2021 - FEMA Plugin Notice
STATUS: Fixed 6/24/21 with version
It has been brought to our attention the FEMA API has been updated and some operating systems flag it as a security vulnerability. This causes the FEMA Plugin to fail and not bring in any results to Encompass when users are using those operating systems.
Lender Toolkit will be proxying the FEMA API from a server that can connect to to it and delivering the results to the FEMA plugin. The planned release of this is on 6/25/21.