Release Date: BETA on 6/2/2020

  • Added Loan Comparison Tool in Optimized Tier
  • Added FEMA Disaster Search Tool to Optimized Tier
  • Added USPS Address Validation to Free Tier
  • Added Audit Log Tool to Expert Tier
  • Added Loan Debugger Pro to Expert Tier
  • Removed original Loan Debugger
  • Removed Audit Field tool in lieu of the Audit Log tool
  • Added Mace Innovations as an official partner
  • Added your contract tier as the subtitle
  • Added link to help docs for loan folder mover so you can see how to write business rules around it
  • Added more advanced access permissions in the settings so you can set what user or persona has access to PowerTools.
  • Updates will only apply if you are within the correct contractual tier and your contract has not expired.
  • Updated Admin Utilities plugin so when you export Fee Management Report (Mavent), it will include Section PC and the UCD Mapped Name.
  • Fixed loan counts on dashboard so it will include every folder with the name "Prospect" in it (for prospect counts), every folder that contains the word "Pipeline" for Pipeline counts, and every folder that contains the word "Complete" for the Completed count. Previously it only counted the first folder. Note: It will only show the counts that the current user has access to.
  • Patched the Custom Actions plugin so it will work with Encompass 20.1
  • Fixed Home Counselor tool so it doesn't product an error when the PowerTools settings file is missing.

Release Date: 4/6/2020

  • Critical Update: Updated Custom Actions plugin so it will work in Encompass 20.1. Note: You must update this plugin if you have it or you may receive errors when you save your loan in Encompass 20.1.
  • Suppressed non-critical popups and added them to the log instead
  • Added Basic BI numbers to dashboard
  • Made logging more verbose
  • Made log exportable as either a text file, CSV file, or Excel file
  • Added help menu
  • Added Append-It
  • Added Update-It
  • Added Template Field Trigger plugin
  • Updated Code Wizard to work with new version of Encompass
  • Updated Biz Rule Analyzer to work with new version of Encompass
  • Updated UI
  • FFIEC Form - Updated layout and how it receives information.
  • Home Counselor plugin - Updated agency types that are queries and it will now spell out the services and languages for each agency instead of using abbreviations.

Release Date: 1/17/2020

  • Critical update - when products get turned "OFF", the dependencies related to that product will be removed from your Encompass system. NOTE: If you have turned a product ON and then turned it OFF in the past, the product dependencies will still be in your system. It is recommended an admin go into the PowerTools settings and turn those products back on and then back off again to ensure all dependencies get removed.
  • Help Links update
  • Support email updated
  • Support docs have been updated
  • Loan Folder Mover has been updated with some fixes if loan files won't move for some users.

Release Date: 11/18/2019

  • MERS Automation - You can now install the MERS Automation plugin directly from PowerTools
  • MERS Automation - Plugin now supports registering to multiple MERS ORG IDs
  • Plugin files that require a settings file will now have the file installed automatically and users will no longer get the popup error that says "Settings file missing"
  • Link to help documents added to main menu
  • Support email address added to main menu
  • Minor UI fixes
Release Date: 11/6/2019

  • Added "Export Data Templates" to Admin Utilities. This will export the fields ID's used in each data template in CSV format.
  • Rebranded interface and logging to "PowerTools"
  • Fixed "Hide Power Tools from Non-Admin" setting from not staying checked
  • Fixed "Show Debug Log" setting from not staying checked
  • Optimized product updates
  • Optimized licensing validation checks
  • Decreased popup alert messages
  • Added progress bar during updates
  • Home Counseling - Improved Home Counseling plugin to expand search when less than 10 results are found, starting at a 50 mile radius and increasing by 50 miles each time less than 10 results are found.
  • Loan Folder Mover - Added a fail safe if the loan doesn't move on loan close, it will try again on loan open. Note: some users have reported the loan not moving. This happens on large loan files if any data is dropped during the move.

Release Date: 6/24/2019

  • Fixed license registration issue with some individual PowerTools
  • Added check for updates buttons to admin settings
  • Fixed bug causing the Ready for Shipping button to direct to the FieldExplorerPro input form
  • Added input validation to API Settings
  • Added dialog prompting user to save or discard changes to admin settings

Release Date: 5/9/2019

  • Added link to view release notes
  • Synced installed version of ToolShed and PowerTool products to database

Release Date: 5/9/2019

  • Major UI changes
  • Added PowerTools
  • Added PowerTool Tiers
  • Custom Actions Power Tool added – trigger business rules to run off loan open, loan save, and loan close by using CX.LOAN.SAVE, CX.LOAN.OPEN, and CX.LOAN.CLOSE as trigger fields (requires Custom Actions Power Tool in the Expert tier to be enabled)
  • License validation caching – once licenses are validated, they are cached for 1 day so validation requests don’t go out for each user all the time.
  • Individual product updates – The version of each PowerTool is now checked when the licenses are validated and if there is a new version of any tool, super admins are asked if they would like to deploy the update.
  • Encompass API Mode has been added – activate this in the settings and products that have an API integration will use that instead of the SDK.
  • Improved speed – common processes are now handled asynchronously.
  • Popup messages no longer display to all users when an update is available. Super admins will be the only users receiving the popup messages.
  • Minor bug fixes