To ensure the highest level of security, all data is encrypted when not at rest. All solutions that deal in Personal Identifying Information (PII) data are not stored on Lender Toolkit databases when at rest. 

We use some third parties in our products and services. A comprehensive list of the sources are listed below. To ensure all Lender Toolkit products work correctly, please add all of the following domains to your whitelist:

  1. - Used in most LTK licensing features.
  2. - Used in all of LTK's newer NG based plugins.
  3. - LTK's client login site.
  4. - LTK's rate calculator site.
  5. - Where LTK hosts their help documents.
  6. - Used in some products to get the longitude and latitude of a zip code. 
  7. - PowerTools uses this when turning products on. 
  8. - Used to lookup disasters in the area of the property address. 
  9. - Used to post the present address to and get results for Home Counseling.
  10. - Used to register MIN numbers. 
  11. - Used to register MIN numbers during testing. 
  12. - Used to send communication (email, sms, print) through Connector.  
  13. - Used to look up the property address using this domain.
  14. Alternate method tools may use when sending print letters. 
  15. - Used by the LTK MERS Automation PowerTool for address parsing.