USPS Verification


The USPS Verification Tool in our Free Product line is an Input Form with a button trigger that sends the Subject Property Address to the United States Postal Service Verify API.


Currently, there are no customized Settings.

Instructions For Use

  1. Required Fields
    • Address 1 [11]
    • City [12]
    • State [13]
  2. Optional Field
    • Zip Code [15]  (Note: The USPS API does not require the Zip Code)
  3.  Running USPS Verification
    1. Click the "Verify Address" button (1)
    2. When USPS Matches the Address, the user will received a Popup showing the formatted address and will ask to copy it into the Subject Address.

      1. When user clicks "Yes" (#2) the Address is copied into the Subject Address

      2. When user clicks "No", the Message Box is dismissed and no action is taken.
    3. Finally, result information for reporting purposes is populated into Custom Fields.
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      1. Custom Fields Included in Input Form
        1. CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED.DATETIME - Date & Time when Verification ran
        2. CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED.BY - Encompass ID of user who initiated the Verification
        3. CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED.ADDRESS - The USPS formatted address returned
        4. CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED = A Y/N value indicating if the USPS result was Verified
    4. Lastly, a PDF file is generated after each Verification.
      1. The eFolder Document Name is "USPS Address Verification"
        • Only the last generated PDF is marked as Current Version

Package Installs:
LTK - USPS Validation.emfrm

LTK-USPSVerification.dll  v:

LTK-USPSVerification.dll.dll  v:


Custom Fields
CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED Indicates Subject Property Verified Successfully
CX.LT.USPS.RUN Run Lender Toolkit USPS Validation
CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED.BY Encompass ID Who Initiated Verification 250
CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED.DATETIME Timestamp of Last USPS Verification 250
CX.LT.USPS.VERIFIED.ADDRESS Verified Address Returned from USPS API 1024