The User Unlocker tool in Lender Toolkit’s Toolshed is an easy to use method of unlocking user accounts that have had their ability to Login suspended. This could be due to incorrect password entry or being explicitly disabled by an admin. This tool helps expedite the process by minimizing the time used to search for a user in the company hierarchy and re-enable them using Encompass’s settings in an attractive and easy to use interface. This tool can also be opened at the beginning of the day and left open for a designated employee to use throughout the day, depending on how many user unlock requests are submitted.  


1.    Installation of the User Unlocker tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Free tier, ensure that the User Unlocker tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    Once the tool is activated through Toolshed’s settings, the tool will automatically run and requires no configuration at this time.  

Instructions for Use

1. Open Toolshed and navigate to the Free tier 

2. Click on the Unlock Users button 

 3. You’ll notice that the first option in the list of users will be a summary indicating how many users in the system are currently not able to log in (note that this does not show Disabled users, only users that have the “Disable Login” checkbox marked in the User Information of Encompass’s settings)

4.    Once the tool is open and you’ve selected the user to unlock, you can easily perform any of the following actions:
    a.    Simply unlock the user while maintaining their previous password by clicking the “Unlock User” button
    b.    Select the “Reset Password?” checkbox to enable the “New Password” field, enter a new password for the user and click the “Unlock User” button
    c.    Select the “Require Password Change?” checkbox and then click the “Unlock User” button to allow them to log in using their current password and change their own password after logging in
    d.    Select both the “Reset Password?” checkbox, entering a new password for them, and also selecting the “Require Password Change?” checkbox to force the user to change their password upon logging in, and then clicking the “Unlock User” button

Note: Option d is likely to be the most used, as this will allow the admin to enter a temporary password like “Test123@” for the user, and then require the user to change it to something secret and more secure when they log in.