The User Touches plugin allows you to track different metrics pertaining to user touches, including specific users, personas or groups of users.  A User Touch is defined by a user opening and saving the loan file. 

Admin – User Touches Plugin input form: 
Once configured this form shows information pertaining to user touches.  The fields can also be utilized in reports, dashboards or pipeline views.

Manage Settings: Admins can click the manage settings button to configure how user touches will be recorded. You can utilize the custom fields that come with the plugin or create as many as you’d like to track user touches for different personas.

For each persona (or group of personas) you would like to track you will add a new entry to the “Count Users with Personas” section. 

You can then select which personas will be included in this measurement. For example, if you want to track how many times any manager touches the loan, select all manager persona’s on the left hand side.  The right hand side is if you’d like to track for all user’s without a specified persona.

You will then choose which custom fields the metrics will be assigned to.  You can use the custom fields that come with this plugin, and/or create additional custom fields as needed.  (The type of field needed for each metric is labeled next to the field. For example the Touch Count Field must always be an Integer field.

Note: The Admin- User Touches Plugin input form is designed to display LO touches, LP touches, UW touches, all-user touches, and unassigned user touches. Any additional user touch counts configured by the admin will not automatically be displayed on this form. The additional custom fields can be used for pipeline views, dashboards, and reports or this form can be easily modified to show additional fields. 

This product installs the following items to encompass:
Admin - User Touches Plugin.emfrm

UserTouchesCodeBase.dll  v:

UserTouchesPlugin.dll.dll  v:


Custom Fields
CX.TOUCHES.LP.USERHOURS User Touches - LP User-Hours - One User Per Line 1000
CX.TOUCHES.UW.USERHOURS User Touches - UW User-Hours - One User Per Line 1000
CX.TOUCHES.UNASS.HOURS User Touches - Unassigned Users Hours
CX.TOUCHES.UNASS.USERS User Touches - List of Unassigned User IDs 1000
CX.TOUCHES.UW User Touches - UE Counter
CX.TOUCHES.LO.USERHOURS User Touches - LO User-Hours - One User Per Line 1000
CX.TOUCHES.ALL.USERHOURS User Touches - All User-Hours - One User Per Line 6000
CX.TOUCHES.UW.HOURS User Touches - UW Hours
CX.TOUCHES.LO.HOURS User Touches - LO Hours
CX.TOUCHES.LO User Touches - LO Counter
CX.TOUCHES.UNASS.USERHOURS User Touches - Unassigned User-Hours - One User Per Line 4000
CX.TOUCHES.UNASS.CNT User Touches - Unassigned User Counter
CX.TOUCHES.LP User Touches - LP Counter
CX.TOUCHES.LP.HOURS User Touches - LP Hours