The Template Field Trigger plugin in Lender Toolkit's PowerTools is a utility that, with very little configuration, can automatically apply loan program, closing cost, data, task, and document templates. By creating Field Trigger rules that modify the plugin's custom fields to specific values, the plugin will apply the template that the business rule indicates.  The user's time can be dedicated to more important aspects of analyzing the loan by automatically applying templates to loans automatically. This ensures that the correct data and fee values are adjusted in a loan when key parameters, such as loan type, change.


1.    Template Field Trigger tool is installed through the PowerTools Plugin under the Optimized tier. Ensure that the tool is licensed through PowerTools before continuing.
2.    In the PowerTools Plugin, ensure that the Template Field Trigger tool is activated under the “Settings” button.
3.    Once activated, the “Admin – Template Field Trigger Plugin" custom form will be added to the system.

Instructions for Use

1.    The PowerTool adds the following fields to the Encompass environment:

Dropdown Options:
  Loan Program
  Closing Cost
  Data Template
  Input Form Set
  Document Set
  Loan Template Set
  Task Set
 Full Template Path (Public:\Companywide\...)
Template Data should Append or Overwrite data in the Loan

NOTE: Override is not applicable for Document, Task or Input Form templates. The dropdown is disabled if one of these Types is selected. 
In each Template Field Trigger business rule, this field is required and must be set to "Y" LAST. The plugin watches for this field to be set to "Y" and then looks through all the previously mentioned fields to know how to apply the template to the loan
 Apply Template Result - "OK" on Success
 2.    The plugin's custom input form "Admin - Template Field Trigger Plugin" has an easy to use Trigger Composition feature that shows all of the above fields, allows you to set the values you want, and then provides you with the Field Trigger code that you can simply copy and paste into a business rule

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3.  Business rule advanced code generated by the Tool can be edited to include more logic for controlling when and how templates are automatically applied to a loan.

This product installs the following:

TemplateFieldTriggerPlugin.dll  (version

Admin - Template Field Trigger Plugin and Codebase