The Loan Monitor tool is designed to assist in diagnosing administrative issues related to field triggers, data entry, and workflow/procedure. It shows all field changes and form load events as they occur in real time. When enabled, it automatically opens at the same time as a loan and will log field changes to a text file on the local computer for later analysis as well as graphically as a popup window. It has extra features to show general change summaries during the time the loan is open. Further details of how this tool works below.  


1.    Installation of the Loan Monitor tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Free tier, ensure that the Loan Monitor tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    To activate the plugin, you must create a folder called “EncompassLog” at the base level of the “C:/” drive. Inside of the “EncompassLog” folder you must manually create a text file called “LoanMonitor.txt”. Spelling must be exact.
3.    If you would like to prevent the popup from happening when opening a loan, you can delete the “LoanMonitor.txt” file or rename it to something else like “LoanMonitor1.txt” or “LoanMonitor-backup[date].txt”

4.    If loans start having abnormally long load times, resetting this text file can help. If it’s been left there for a long time the file can become very large and the plugin will take a few seconds to read and write new data to the text file.

Instructions for Use

1.    Create the folder and text file as described in the Installation instructions above
2.    Open a loan and the Loan Monitor plugin will initialize and open a popup window:

You might see initial field changes that happened in the loan immediately upon opening the loan.
3.    Once open, you can minimize (don’t close it) the window and continue with whatever loan changes you’d like to test. Or you can leave it open beside your encompass window to observe the changes as they happen.

4.    You’ll notice that the field changes that you make directly with field entry will be highlighted a light Yellow, while subsequent field changes that are automated will appear with a white background. Form changes are highlighted in a Teal font and several other changes will be highlighted differently to help navigate the changes.The summary links directly above the field change list can be clicked to open a change summary for that category

This list will show all the field that have had their value changed any number of times.
If you’d like to see more details of fields that have changed values but returned to their original value, you can check the box in the bottom left corner.

This product installs the following to encompass:

LoanMonitorPopup1.dll.dll  v: