The Loan Folder Move tool in Lender Toolkit's Toolshed suite is designed to automatically move loans into the correct folder based on dynamic field triggers or with the build in configurations available through its settings. It allows for any number of scenarios to move loans based on loan data and checks to see if a loan should be moved each time the loan is saved.


1.    Installation of the Loan Folder Move tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Free Tier
2.    To activate the plugin, select “Settings” and make sure “Loan Folder Move” Power Tool is switched "On"


Instructions for Use

Once turned on, Click on the Loan Folder Move button from the Free Tier section of Toolshed to configure some of the basic settings


We have included 3 Loan Folder Move rules that you may use from this form by default to our recommended folders.  These rules can be edited by modifying the field IDs and folders, but it is suggested that these be primarily used for their intended purposes.
   #1) When RESPA application date is present, move loan to “My Pipeline” folder. 
   #2) When funded date is populated, move loan to “Completed Loans” folder. 
   #3) When loan status is inactive, move to “Adverse Loan” folder. 

For circumstances outside of these three scenarios, you can create standard Encompass Field Trigger Business Rules to control where and when this plugin should move loans. To do this, you'll use two fields that the Plugin automatically creates in Encompass: CX.LOAN.FOLDER.CURRENT and CX.LOAN.FOLDER.MOVE

Then for the Field Triggers, you can define whatever criteria you'd like, and use that to put the Folder Name you'd like to move the loan into CX.LOAN.FOLDER.MOVE

The CX.LOAN.FOLDER.CURRENT is set by the plugin and should not be modified, but can be used in your Field Trigger rules to validate the loan's current folder in addition to any other loan data/logic. This can ensure a more rigid rule and ensure that once a loan has been moved to a new folder, it doesn't accidentally get swept back into a folder that it doesn't belong in.

Please note that this tool only moves loans that are currently being accessed by users, and moves them upon saving and exiting the loan file. If you'd like to move a large group of loans into a new folder, ask us about our bulk updating tools!