Note: clicking this button in Power Tools will only give you a popup telling how to get to loan debugger. It does not actually open Loan Debugger.


The Loan Debugger is an innovative, user-friendly diagnostic tool.  Unlike the standard diagnostic tools that come with Encompass by default the Loan Debugger can be evaluated in real-time.  This will allow you to catch errors ‘in the act’.  The tool also provides a summary section that covers errors, triggers, calcs and field population. 

Activating the Loan Debugger Pro

Before you do anything, make sure you create this folder on your hard drive if it doesn't already exist:
C:\EncompassLog\DebugLog. If you had been logged into Encompass, make sure to log out of all Encompass instances.

To use the Loan Debugger you must activate it by double-clicking the silver target icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. NOTE:  You must close out of any open files prior to activation.

Once the tool is activated open a loan and, again, click on the target icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.  This time the icon will be blue. 

Clicking the blue icon will open the Loan Debugger window.  We recommend you check the "ignore common errors" checkbox on the top left.

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Important Events Section (Top-Left)

The Important Events section in the top-left hand corner of the debugger window is a high-level overview of events that have taken place involving the loan file.

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Summary Section (Bottom-Left)

The section in the bottom-left hand corner of the window is a summary section with the following tabs:  Errors, Triggers, Calcs and Fields.  The Errors tab shows a list of runtime errors compiled (in order) from the time that the loan was opened.  The Triggers  tab is a list of field trigger rules that have executed since the file was opened.  The Calcs tab is a list of field calculations that have taken place and the Fields tab is a list of fields that have been automatically populated/updated.  

Debug Log (Top-Right)

The Debug Log is the primary diagnostic tool that shows line-by-line code execution results.  This is similar to the Ellie Mae diagnostic tool except that it can be viewed in real-time as changes are being made to the loan file.  The Loan Debugger opens in its own separate window and updates anytime a change occurs in the loan file (automatically or manually). 

Another great feature of the Debug Log is that any lines that contain errors or exceptions are highlighted in red. 

This product installs the following to encompass: