The Loan Comparison Tool in Lender Toolkit’s PowerTools is a powerful tool that listens for field changes and events during the loan process and alerts when differences are found.

Activation / Installation


  1. Login to Encompass as a super admin, open "LTK PowerTools..." from the Encompass menu, and click the "Settings" button on the top right.
  2. Click the "PowerTools Optimized" tab.
  3. Click the "ON" button next to Loan Comparison Tool. You will then receive a popup asking you if you'd like to install the Loan Comparison Tool package to Encompass. Click "Yes" and once installed, click "OK" to confirm installation.
  4. Restart your Encompass.


  1. Once installed, open any loan in Encompass as an Super Admin (preferably a test loan) and go to the "LTK - Loan Comparison" input form.
  2. Click the "Admin Settings" button at the bottom of the form.
    • Note: This button is only available to Super Administrators.
  3. Setting up Dynamic Columns

    Image Placeholder
    • The Default Setup will introduce 4 Snapshot columns by default
      1. Initial Approval
      2. Final Approval
      3. Funded
      4. Lock Confirmation
    • Each Column has the following:
      • Trigger Type - How the Snapshot is triggered for the column. A trigger type has the following types.  We currently only support these three types.
        • Milestone Completion - Triggered when Milestone is Complete
        • Encompass Field - Triggered when the Field ID changes
        • Lock Confirmation - Triggered when Lock is Confirmed
      • Column Validation Field - A Custom Field that will be marked with an "X" when at least one of the fields in said column does not match the Current Value.
        • We have introduced a Custom Field for each Column by Default:
          • CX.LT.LC.IA
          • CX.LT.LC.FA
          • CX.LT.LC.FUND
          • CX.LT.LC.LOCK
      • Override Personas - Personas that have access to perform an Override Snapshot to Confirm Changes if the current values are acceptable.
        • For security purposes in mind, the Lender will have to edit each column and select the Personas to allow which users they want access to Confirm Changes.
    • Adding a New Column
      • Click the Green (+) button above the Comparison Columns table

      • The following fields are required to save the new column
        • Display Text
        • Trigger Type
        • Column Validation Field
  4. Setting up Loan Info Fields

    Image Placeholder
    1. The Default Setup will introduce a default set of fields.
    2. To add a new field, select the green (+) above the list of fields

    3. Required Fields are
      1. Display Text
      2. Show As
      3. Field
    4. Adding a Range to a Field
      1. Check the box below the "Compare As".  This will enable the Range feature.
      2. Choose either a Percentage, Decimal or Integer to compare
      3. Type in a range.  This will compare above and below that number.  For example: If user selects Percentage and types in 3, then it will check if the current value is 3% below or above the snapshot value.
    5. Hit "OK"