The Input Form Sets tool is designed to automate applying input form templates for various loan and user based scenarios. With a few clicks and an easy to use condition writer, you can set Input Form Set templates to be applied to loans based on a variety of conditions based on almost any loan data you'd like.

Instructions for Use
1. Create the Input Form Sets in Encompass's settings that you'd like to have applied for users

2. Open the LTK ToolShed plugin and click on the Input Form Sets button under the Free Tier

3. To add a new Input Form Set Assignment, click the "+ Add" button in the upper right corner

4. From here, you can name the rule. This should usually include concise information about who the rule applies to and when it will be applied
5. You'll select the Input Form Set Template that you'd like applied for this rule, select if you want it to be active (this is also how you would disable this rule, if you ever need to), set a Priority, and add Criteria for the rule
6. The Priority Number is used to determine the order in which the rules will be evaluated. So if there's a default Input Form Set that you'd like applied if no other sets are met, you can set its priority to 99 so that it is evaluated last, and only after the plugin has determined no other Input Form Set is valid. The order in which these sets are evaluated, combined with precise Criteria definitions, can be critical in ensuring that the correct Input Form Sets are shown to users when you expect.
7. The Criteria can be configured in a similar way to normal Encompass Business Rules.
    - Select a Type: Field ID, Persona, Role, or User ID
    - Select a FieldID: This field will change depending on the Type you've selected. For Field ID, you can type in any Field ID you'd like to add, for Persona, Role, and User ID you can select from a list of all the available Personas and Roles already configured in Encompass
    - Choose a Value and select how the Field Must be compared: This will let you select how the criteria will be compared against the value you've entered/selected

8. Once you've defined your criteria and activated the rule, the plugin will immediately begin checking your assignment criteria against loans and will present users with the Input Form Set you've defined.

If you ever need assistance setting up your Input Form Set templates and configuring how/when they are shown to users using the Input Form Sets tool, Lender Toolkit's team of Certified Encompass Administrators are here to help! Call Lender Toolkit today!