The Home Counselor tool has one simple goal, to automate the population of providers on the Home Counseling Provider List in Encompass. Once activated, this tool will automatically fill in the providers within 500 miles of the primary borrower’s current residence after it has been filled in. This can expedite the loan process by automating what previously required manual entry or at the very least, manually accessing Encompass’s tool to download the list.


1.    Installation of the Home Counselor tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Expert tier, ensure that the Home Counselor tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    Once the tool is activated through Toolshed’s settings, the tool will automatically run and requires no configuration at this time.  

Instructions for Use

1.    The Home Counselor Tool automatically fills in the Home Counseling Provider list based off of the Primary Borrower’s Present Address.
2.    If the list does not automatically fill immediately after filling in the address, it will be populated a short period afterwards as users work in the loan.
3.    The settings are currently preconfigured for the standard provider types, within 500 miles. This matches with Encompass’s default search criteria, and at the time of this writing is not configurable within the plugin.
4.    This tool leverages the same HUD-provided APIs that both the CFPB and Encompass use, so the data returned will be the same and up to date.