Field Explorer Pro is a Custom Input Form based plugin tool that allows you to easily search and review all fields in your Encompass system, including in the Reporting Database. The Field Explorer Pro tool can cut down maintenance time and prevent issues in building custom tools by allowing a quick search to ensure you’re using the correct field, or that you’re not duplicating a field that already exists. It provides additional details about the field, has an easy to use search and filtering functionality, and can also export the field lists to Excel. 


1.    Installation of the Field Explorer Pro tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Free tier, ensure that the Field Explorer Pro tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    Once the tool is activated through Toolshed’s settings, the tool will automatically run and requires no configuration at this time.
3.    Installation will automatically create the “Admin – Field Explorer Pro” custom input form, and you can begin using it immediately. 

Instructions for Use

1.    Go to the “Admin – Field Explorer Pro” custom input form, this form will show a summary of your fields and a button to open the Field Explorer Pro in a new window

2.    The tool shows lots of information about the fields in a table that can be filtered by
  a.    Field Type
  b.    Field ID
  c.    Field Description
  d.    Field is Read Only
  e.    Field is Applicable to Multiple Data Objects such as UW Conditions
  f.     Field is in the Reporting Database (does not apply to ERDB)
  g.    Field Format (String, Date, Int, etc.)
  h.    Field is an Audit Field in the Reporting Database

3.    Similar to Encompass’s pipeline view, ANY column in this table can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the column header
4.    When filtering by the Field ID or the Field Description, you can adjust how the search is performed by changing the “Filter By” dropdown menu

Text Filter – will search for an exact match of what you typed
Keyword Filter – will show any fields that contain any of the words that you type
Wildcard Filter – Functions similar to the Text Filter, but allows for wildcards * and ?.
  a.    Example: searching “Loan” will return 0 results, while “Loan*” will show any field that starts with “Loan” but has anything written after it
  b.    Example: searching “*Details Total*” will show any field that has “Details Total” as a phrase in the middle of the field description
  c.    Example: searching “Borr Declarations ?” will show any field that has “Borr Declarations” followed by a space and then a single character of any number or letter
  d.    Example: searching “???” will show any fields with only 3 characters or numbers
5.    If you click the RBD button in the upper right corner, you’ll see a separate window open to show the contents of the Reporting Database and details about those fields

6.    Clicking the Export button will export the table data (even with filters applied) to an Excel spreadsheet

This product installs the following to encompass:

Admin - Field Explorer Pro.emfrm

FieldExplorerProCodeBase.dll  v: