The FFIEC Lookup tool in Lender Toolkit's Toolshed adds a custom input form to Encompass that allows users to do the FFIEC lookup with the click of a button. The tool makes use of the FFIEC APIs to download all the data you need into the loan. The automatic download of data ensures that no typos are present, and speeds up the process of gathering FFIEC data for each loan. Minutes saved per loan amounts to potentially hundreds of hours saved per year allowing for more efficient loan processing and getting more loans to close quickly.


1.    Activation of the FFIEC Lookup tool is located under the PowerTools Expert section of the Toolshed plugin.
2.    If you do not see the FFIEC Lookup tool listed as one of the available buttons under the Expert section, you’ll need to get a license for the tool before using it.     Please reach out to your local admin or your Lender Toolkit representative in order to activate the tool.

Using the FFIEC Lookup

1. Open a loan
2. Go to the "Admin - FFIEC" custom input form

3. Click the "Update from FFIEC" button to download the MSA Number, County Code, State Code, Census Tract, MSA Name, and Census Year.

4. Please note that if you enter an address that is not available through the FFIEC's Geocode Lookup tool, this button will not work. This may occur with new constructions or homes that have been built within the last year, or newly developed areas that do not have this information available yet. Please confer with your internal management to determine how to best fill in this information for these types of properties.

For more information on how FFIEC pulls in data, please visit the FFIEC Website: