The Document Lookup Plugin in Lender Toolkit's Toolshed is a powerful search utility that helps users to find the document names they need quickly and intuitively. It adds a search button next to the document name dropdown when editing a document in the eFolder, and allows users to easily search for keywords in the document list to find the best document name for what they've added to the eFolder.
By preventing excessive search-time when users are working, they can spend more time doing the collection and validation of information for each loan. The Document Lookup plugin can save hundreds of hours per month in time spent looking for document names, or renaming incorrectly named documents due to users not seeing the correct one while they searched. With an easy search, users can see the most relevant documents based on keywords and choose the correct one quickly.


1.    Installation of the Document Lookup tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Optimized tier, ensure that the Document Lookup tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    In the Toolshed Plugin, ensure that the Document Lookup plugin is activated under the “Settings” button. When the tool is active, you’ll see a button from the main PowerTools Optimized tab with “Document Lookup” written on it.
3.    Once activated, in the eFolder on the Document Details window, a Blue Magnifying Glass icon will be added next to the "Name" dropdown.

Instructions for Use

1.    When viewing or editing a document's details in the eFolder, click on the blue magnifying glass icon next to the document "Name" dropdown

2.    The search window will open. This window can be an easier way to scroll through the document list to find the appropriate document name if you don't have a search criteria to look for.

3. Type any search criteria you want in the "Filter:" text box. This box will search the Name and Description columns at the same time, showing any available documents that match.

4. Select the Document Name you'd like to apply, and click "OK" to apply it to the current document. You can also double click on the Document Name to automatically apply it to the current document.

This product installs the following to Encompass: