Document Access Control plugin allows to extend Role Access to Documents on per-document level.
Encompass’s Business Rules > Role Access To Documents rules default access rights based on the Role that adds a document to the eFolder.  This works well when access to a document can be set for all Roles by default.  However, it requires extra steps from users when different documents need different access from other users / roles.  

Typical examples:
1)    Lock Desk can add all documents visible to all Roles except for “Purchase Advice” which can be restricted to only specific Roles.
2)    Certain Documents can be added with “Others” automatically added allowing access for “external” users, while all others can be added without “Others”.
3)    Certain Documents can automatically have access to certain Roles removed when they are added. 


1.    Installation of the Document Access Control plugin is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Optimized tier, ensure that the Document Access Control plugin is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    In the Toolshed Plugin, ensure that the Document Access Control plugin is activated under the “Settings” button. When the tool is active, you’ll see a button from the main PowerTools Expert tab with “Document Access” written on it.
3.    Once activated an input form called “Admin – Document Access Control” will be added to your system. Once activated, this tool will run automatically. 


Instructions for Use

1.    Once the tool is enabled, its functionality can be reviewed on the “Admin – Document Access Control Plugin” custom input form. Open a loan to access this screen.

Plugin Settings are accessed through the Admin Form using the “Manage Settings” button.  The Summary shows a list Roles, including showing roles with Duplicate 2-letter Abbreviations, plus a list of all of your settings for Adding / Removing / Setting access. 

2.    The main portion of the screen displays a list of the Roles in your environment, and a summary of the settings to control access. The Role list may be copied and pasted into Excel.

3.    Click the “Manage Settings” button to open the dialog for Setting Document Role Access. The main section displays Documents with access controls, and at the bottom are two checkboxes for Test mode.

4.    Add or Edit Document AccessTo add edit a Document Access setting – click the Green “+” or Yellow ellipses icons to open the Add Document Access dialogue.

For a new setting, start by selecting a Document at the top of the dialogue, when editing a setting the document is defaulted.   
a.    Set (override) Access: will override the Role Access to Document rule settings
b.    Add Access to Roles: will allow access to the document for the Role(s) selected
c.    Remove Access from Roles: will allow access to be blocked for the Role(s) selected
d.    Additional settings:
-       Override Roles on Existing Documents allows this setting to apply to existing loans when that loan is opened.  This is a great setting for emergency restrictions or access to specific docs.  However, this may slow down loan open by ~ 1-5 seconds.
e.    Test Mode
-       Always Apply This Doc Access Rule enforces this rule for all loans.
-       Only Apply when [CX.DOCACCESS.CUSTOM] contains following keywords allows testing a new access setting in a production system without affecting loans in process

A message will be displayed with a summary of document changes when loan is saved:

5.    Additional Controls – at the bottom of the screen

a.    CX.DOCACCESS.CUSTOM – is used for Test Mode
b.    “Open Log File” button – works only when the Debug Flag is On. Your Encompass Admin will set this in the registry keys.
c.     “About” button – provides information about your license and the program version      

6.    Role change DetectionPlugin has a built-in logic to detect changes to Roles.  A message is shown to the user to warn about such changes.  Potentially, such changes may require changes to settings.  Similar message is shown on the Admin Form as well.

7.    Role code Duplication - Note that if your environment has Roles that use the same two letter code, those will be called out in the role list and the main settings dialog.

Note: Ideally, to avoid confusions in Role Access List abbreviations you should avoid duplicate Role abbreviations.

8. Batch Processing - The Batch Process button can be used to update all loans in a specific folder.
Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

In the Batch Process window, select the folders to update in the left pane.  Select the location for the log file. Apply options in the "Actions" section to customize the batch updates.

a.      “Add Access For All Docs to Roles” to override specific document settings by selecting a role from the pick list to grant access.

b.      “Remove Access For All Docs from Roles” to select the role(s) from which to remove access.

c.       “Copy Access From Role” to select the role(s) with current permissions to copy to a different role.

Click GO to start the batch update process.

The installation package Installs:

Admin - Document Access Control.emfrm




Custom Fields
CX.DOCACCESS.CUSTOM Doc Access Plugin - Custom Setting for Doc Access 100