Encompass displays a standard set of information in the upper section of the loan screen, but that information isn’t always what your team members need to see to efficiently work on loan files.  With the Custom Title Bar, Lender Toolkit has created a way to increase the information available to users at a glance when working in a loan file. This information displays at the top of Encompass in the Title Bar, replacing or augmenting the standard version showing your environment and Client ID.  Using this tool will improve your workflow by making information more accessible.


1.    Installation of the Custom Title Bar tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Expert tier, ensure that the Custom Title Bar tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    In the Toolshed Plugin, ensure that the Custom Title Bar is activated under the “Settings” button. When the tool is active, you’ll see a button from the main PowerTools Expert tab with “Custom Title Bar” written on it.
3.    Once activated an input form called “Admin – Custom Encompass Title” will be added to your system. Once activated, this tool will run automatically.

Instructions for Use

1.    Once the tool is enabled, its functionality can be reviewed on the “Admin – Custom Encompass Title” custom input form. Open a loan to access this screen.

2.    The top section of the screen has examples paired with the information that each formula would display for the loan that is open.

3.    The lower section of the screen has fields where you can edit the Custom Title Formula and the Encompass Title when no loan is open. The formulas may be copied from the example section and pasted into the Custom Title Formula field, or you may create your own formula.   Custom formulas may be created using Encompass field IDs enclosed in brackets: “[FieldID]”, and you may also use the Special Fields in the lower left corner of the screen. As you edit the Custom Title Formula field the result field will update showing you how the title will display once it is saved and activated. 

4.    When you have finished editing the Custom Title Formula field, click the “Save Settings” button.  When saved a message will appear.  Click “OK” then close the loan and then open a loan to see the changed message.

5.    When you open a loan in Encompass the title bar will now display the data you requested.

Note: When changing the ‘Title Without Open Loan’ or making significant changes to the Custom Title Formula you may need to log out of Encompass and then back in to enable all of the changes. 

6.    Additional controls are in the lower right portion of the screen:
    a.    Enable Title Override
    b.    Update Title When Fields Change
    c.    Update Title When Loan is Saved Use of these settings should be considered carefully to minimize performance impacts.