The Custom Actions plugin allows you to write business rules around the loan opening, saving, and closing (although there is not much you can do around closing except display a message). 


  1. Login to Encompass as a Super Admin
  2. Open PowerTools by clicking the Encompass menu and then click "LTK PowerTools..."
  3. Click the "Settings" button on the top right corner.
  4. Click on the "Power Tools Expert" tab (Requires you to have at least an Expert level contract with Lender Toolkit).
  5. Click the "ON" button for "Custom Actions".
  6. Click the OK button on the popup requesting permission to install the tool.
  7. Click the OK button on the popup saying it was successfully installed.
  8. Exit out of all the Power Tools Windows and Restart Encompass.

Instructions for Use

Three new fields have now been added to your Encompass system. They are:

You can use any three of these fields in a business rule trigger to do what you what when the loan is opened, right before the loan gets saved, or when the loan closes.

For example, lets say every time that someone pushes the loan save button, I want to change the first name of the borrower to "Mark". I would add a business rule and use "CX.LOAN.SAVE" as the field trigger. It would look something like this:

Image Placeholder

You must choose CX.LOAN.SAVE as the trigger field and say every time it equals "X". Now everytime the loan got saved the borrower's first name would be changed to "Mark". It's also important to note that this is a BEFORE SAVE event so that change you make will get saved with the loan.

You may also use CX.LOAN.OPEN the same way except this time the event happens when the user opens the loan.

You may also use CX.LOAN.CLOSE the same way, but it's important to note, your changes will not be saved with the loan if you use this one because the loan will have already saved. You can fire an alert box to the user on loan close, however, if you'd like to notify them of something on loan close.

This product installs the following to encompass:

CustomActionsPlugin.dll.dll  v:

Custom Fields
CX.LOAN.SAVE Loan Save Event
CX.LOAN.CLOSE Loan Closing Event
CX.LOAN.OPEN Loan Open Event