The CSV Loan Import Utility is an application that imports a collection of loan files into Encompass via a CSV file. The top row of the CSV should be the Encompass field ID's you want populated with a value. Each row is considered a new loan record and the values should correlate to the field ID in the header.


- In the CSV file of loans to import, remove all commas inside fields (use find and replace in Excel, see step 2 of instructions)
- When you run the application, the required directory will be automatically created (C:\EncompassLog\CSVImportUtility). This directory is needed before you can import loans.
- Translations file (field_translations.xml) is in the C:\EncompassLog\CSVImportUtility\ directory This will also be placed there automatically. 

Getting Started

From the main menu, click the Encompass menu, then select LTK Tool Shed

Select the Free PowerTools Icon, then CSV Loan Import:

Instructions for Use

 1.    If using the standalone version, fill out the "Encompass Credentials" form fields. If not, continue to step 2.
- URL: This is the Encompass Server URL.An example would be "https://BE11122333.ea.elliemae.net$BE11122333"
- ID: This is the Encompass ID. A Super Admin account is required when entering credentials
- PW: This is the Encompass Password associated with the Super User Admin being used.

2.    Click the "Browse" button and a windows file dialogue will open. Browse for your CSV file and click ok.  
Important CSV Notes:
- All commas must be removed from the CSV file or your loans will not export from Excel. In Excel, press CTRL + F to do a find and replace. The search value is "," and the value being replaced should be blank.
- Make sure there are no duplicate Field ID columns, or you will get an error and no loans will be imported.
- Inside your CSV File, the first row should be the Encompass field ID's and all the other rows should be the values for your loans
- The first column should always be your loan template path (the 1st row should be "2860" because the field ID for loan template is 2860)
- Be sure to include a column for "LoanFolder" to specify which folder the loan should go into.
- If you would like to assign a Loan Originator to the loan, make sure there is a "LoanTeamMember.UserID.Loan Officer" column and put the loan originator's Encompass User ID as the value. If the value is incorrect, blank, or the user does not have a "Loan Officer" persona, no loan officer will be assigned.

 3.    Check the "Do not import duplicates" box if you do not want to import new loans when they already exist in Encompass. This is recommended so no duplicate loans are created.
4.    Click the "Import CSV" button when ready to run the import. Grab a cup of coffee and wait for the loans to finish importing! When the import is finished, a CSV file will open showing which loans have imported and which ones have not due to an error. 

Other Features

- Click the "Download Log" button to download a log of everything that has happened. This will display field ID's that have been set and their values. It will also show when a field could not be set.
- Click the "Clear Log" button to clear the log on the screen. This will also create a backup of the log in your log folder so nothing is missed.
- Click the "Translations" button to open the translations file and make changes.
     - This is not recommended unless you know what you are doing.    

this product installs the following to encompass:
LTK-CSVImportUtility.dll.dll  v: