BizRuleAnalyzer allows to search business rules very effectively by indexing all business rules in such way that it presents results on a single screen displaying both overall context and specific details of what needs to be looked at.  This allows admins & developers spending minimal time on figuring out where to look.

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Encompass Health

Two additional tools are available to help with “Health” of your business rules.  Invalid Fields Report and Unused Health Report.

Invalid Fields Report scans all biz rules and forms for what seems to be a field, including all string values in Form Code and shows what can potentially be invalid fields.  Someone can then review biz rules and forms to fix these invalid fields.  All such fields will cause hidden errors in Encompass and will have a chance of resulting in undesirable outcomes.  Example below shows a common “typo” where a comma is used instead of a dot in Field IDs. 

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If you had Encompass for a number of years and multiple admins, analysts or consultants touched it, there’s a very good chance a number of fields that are no longer used was accumulated.  Or there’s just a chance some fields were declared but then they were mis-used.

This report will help identifying all fields not used in normal calculations, business rules or form code so that additional actions can be taken.

The best use of this tool is together with the company development code repository for double checking that fields are not specifically used inside Plugins and with Report Explorer to ensure fields are not used in Encompass reports.

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Settings Reports

 Two Settings reports can be used to fulfill some auditing requirements.  Custom Field Calculations can allow you to export an Excel file with all field calculations and Loan Access Chart can allow exporting a nice visual chart of general access by different personas.  Loan Access Chart will only work with Milestone based Persona Access rules and is intended to only solve a problem of reporting on general overview of access levels.

Change Management

 BizRuleAnalyzer allows to take snapshots of settings / forms and compare these snapshots showing all changes in one screen.  This can assist with various change management issues such as:
1.       Weekly snapshots can be taken to be able to see which areas of fields / settings / forms were changed over time.
2.       When multiple admins are involved – quickly review changes done by others.
3.       When field trigger code is changed – review code with developers to ensure edge cases are handled.
4.       When consultants are hired – check their work for acceptance
5.       Change Details can be exported to Excel for reference.
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This product installs the following to encompass

Admin - BizRuleAnalyzer.emfrm

BizRuleAnalyzerHostedForm151.dll  v: