The Auto Close tool provides Encompass administrators with settings to manage automatically closing loan files after a period of inactivity.  This feature prevents loan files from being inadvertently left open, and locked, if a user is no longer actively working on the file. 

Cancelable Countdown

In accordance with the inactivity timing requirements set up by the administrator (further explained below), the loan will attempt to automatically close.  The user will be provided with a popup dialogue box that will allow them to cancel the loan closure.   If the user does not select cancel, the loan will close after an amount of time defined by the administrator.

Basic Settings

To modify the settings of when loans are exited, open a loan in Encompass and go to the Admin - Auto Close custom input form and click the "Manage Settings" button:

The administrators can control global settings for all users.  These include how long a loan is open before the plugin begins to monitor for inactivity. There is a setting for how many minutes of inactivity before the loan should close.  To allow users time to cancel the automatic close, the admin can set how many seconds the popup cancel box will be visible for.  The admin can set whether the loan will save when automatically closing, whether encompass will close altogether, and there is a setting to force close encompass at a specific time each day.

User and Persona Settings

The administrators is able to specify different settings for individual users or personas.  These settings will override the general settings for defined users. 

This product installs the following to encompass:
Admin - Auto Close Loans.emfrm

AutoCloseLoans1CodeBase.dll  v:

AutoCloseLoans1Plugin.dll.dll  v:


Custom Fields
CX.CURRENTUSER.ID Current Logged In User ID 32