Purpose: The AutoAssign Lite tool is a product designed to automatically assign an encompass user to a milestone role within an encompass loan file, based on user defined criteria.

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To access the tool:
  • Log into encompass
  • Click 'Encompass'
  • Click 'LTK-Power Tools'
  • Click 'Expert'
  • Click 'AutoAssign Lite'
Note: If the AutoAssign Lite button is not showing, please check settings to ensure the product is turned on.

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Admin Settings
Once the AutoAssign Lite button is clicked, the Admin Settings page will launch where users can configure the solution.

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The Admin Settings Page consists of the following:

  1. Action Buttons. Up & Down will set the priority of each auto assign.
  2. List view. Click on an  auto assign item in the view will allow that view to be edited, deleted, or change priority (up and down).
  3. Cancel closes the Admin Settings. Any unsaved changes are lost. Save will save and activate auto assigns. 

Edit Rule

When the Add or Edit buttons are clicked, the Edit Rule page will launch. This page allows a user to configure an auto assign with field events. When the configured auto assign field logic is triggered, the user noted in the User ID text box, that user will auto populate to the role selected.

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The Edit Rule Page Consists of the follow:
  1. Rule Name: This will be the name of the rule that displays on the Admin Settings list. 
  2. Edit, Delete, New buttons: These buttons allow field criteria to be added, edited or deleted.
  3. Field criteria list.
  4. Role for auto assign
  5. User ID for user assign
  6. Reassign User When Role is Already Assigned: This feature lets the auto assign update a current user if one is already assigned to the designated role. 
  7. Cancel and Save buttons: Cancel will close the page without saving. Save will add the rule to the auto assign list.

Adding Field Criteria
When the new or Edit buttons are clicked, the edit rule page will display the criteria builder in place of the field criteria list. This allows the user to define field criteria.

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  1. The field criteria form has the following inputs
    1. Field Type: Value types are String, decimal, integer, and date.
    2. Field ID: The encompass field ID
    3. Operators
      1. String operators are not equals <> and equals =
      2. Other value types operators are not equals <>, equals =, Greater than >, greater than or equal too >=, Less than <, and less than or equal too <
    4. Value: The value to be compared against
    5. And/Or: Join operators