At times it can be beneficial to be able to report on how many alerts are on loans in your pipeline. While this information is accessible through the Pipeline, built-in functionality in Encompass for reporting on them, however, is limited. For this purpose, Lender Toolkit has created a tool that will automatically update two custom fields that will make it easy to report on Alerts. Having this tool can improve analysis of loan progression and common pitfalls in the loan workflow.


1.    Installation of the Alert Counter tool is done through the Toolshed Plugin under the Free tier, ensure that the Loan Monitor tool is licensed through Toolshed before continuing.
2.    In the Toolshed Plugin, ensure that the Alert Counter is activated under the “Settings” button. When the tool is active, you’ll see a button from the main PowerTools Free tab with “Alert Counter” written on it.
3.    Once activated an input form called “Admin – Alert Counter” and two custom fields will be added to your system. Once activated, this tool will run automatically and these field can be used for reporting once they have been added to the Reporting Database.

Instructions for Use

1.    Once the tool is enabled, its functionality can be reviewed on the Admin – Alert Counter custom input form. It will show the values of the two custom fields that are set by the plugin.

After adding these two custom fields to the reporting database, you’ll be able to view these fields on pipeline views or in reports as needed.

This product installs the following to encompass:
Admin - Alert Counter.emfrm

AlertCounterFieldPlugin.dll.dll  v:

Custom Fields
CX.ALERT.CNT Alert Counter - Updated by Plugin
CX.ALERT.SUMMARY Alert Summary - Updated by Plugin 1000