1. Before you register with Developer Connect, you must contact your Ellie Mae rep and tell them you want access. He or she will then enable your account for developer connect.
  2. Next go to developer.elliemae.com and click the "Get Started" button.
  3. Fill out the form on the next page. The "Account Setup" section is where you setup your developer connect login info so it can be anything. The "Encompass Instance" section is already existing information. You put in the CID of the instance your registering for (Ex: BE11166111). They then ask for a user ID and password. This is your login for the Encompass instance you wrote above. It is preferred it is a super admin login (one will be required later to get your keys).
  4. You then should be able to login to developer connect. Whether you registered with a super admin ID or not, this is where all the API documentation is. To get you API client secret and key, hover over "My Account" on the top right and click "API Key".
  5. This page will ask you to sign in with a super admin login for your Encompass instance (told ya!). Click the "Sign In" button.
  6. Sign in with your super admin login.
  7. On the next page, it will display your client secret and client key. Use those to connect to the Encompass API for your instance that you registered.