1. Access to the admin side of Consumer Connect on a Production Server (Note: you cannot add custom domains to a test server. It will still let you add it, but it won't work).
  2. Access to the DNS zone file where the domain is registered. If the lender is already using "" for their website, you will not be able to use it for the custom domain. Instead, it is recommended setting up a subdomain using the same domain instead. For example: "" is a subdomain of "". 

  1. Using an admin Encompass user account, login to the Encompass production server that you want to add the custom domain to (Remember: these instructions will not work with test servers). If you want to use the custom domain on a test server, we recommend forwarding your custom domain to the default domain in Consumer Connect.
  2. From the home tab, click "Manage Consumer Connect Portal". This will open the Consumer Connect admin in a web browser.

  3. Click on the "Website Builder" link in the left hand menu and choose the website you want to add a custom domain to in the "Manage an existing site" dropdown. Then click the "Customize your domain" link.

  4. A modal window will appear. Click on the "Enter you Custom Domain Name" link in the left menu of the modal window and enter your custom domain in the "Custom Domain" input field. For this example, I will be using "". Click the "Save and Continue" button.

  5. You should now be on the "Add the CNAME Record" page of the modal window. This is probably the trickiest part of adding a custom domain. Keep this page open so you know what information you need. Take note of the data that is in a red box of the screenshot. You will need it when editing the DNS zone file. In another tab of the browser, login to where you can edit the DNS zone file of your custom domain (this is usually the domain's registrar like GoDaddy or Network Solutions).

  6.   Open the DNS Zone File for your custom domain and click "Add Record". Each registrar is different so we do not have a screen shot for you. If you are unable to find the zone file for your custom domain, contact your registrar for support.
  7. Populate the add record page with the information from step 5.

    a. For the record type, select "CNAME"
    b. Take the "ALIAS OR HOST NAME" data from Consumer Connect and enter it as the domain name. In this case, it is "www". If your registrar requires you to enter the full domain (they usually don't), enter ""
    c. Take the "POINTS TO" data from Consumer Connect and enter it as the Canonical name or point to field in the zone file. In this case, "". Click ok when all three data points have been entered.

  8. Go back to Consumer Connect and click the "Continue" button from the "CUSTOM DOMAIN MAPPING" screen.
  9. Note: most lenders stop at this point, but all that will do is forward you domain name to the Ellie Mae domain and the links in your disclosure emails that get automatically sent to borrower WILL NOT WORK so be sure to authorize the SSL certificate in the steps below.
  10. At this point, an email will be sent from Amazon Certificates ( to 5 different email accounts. The Ellie Mae support documentation will tell you they will send this email to the administrative contact email address on file with your custom domain's WHOIS record, BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE!! Their dev team never got that far so they will ONLY send the email to the following email addresses (Note: replace with the domain you define in Consumer Connect). Your IT team will need to setup an inbox specifically for receiving this email. The following addresses that will work are (you only need to choose one, Lender Toolkit recommends using the first one):
  11. This email is to confirm that you own the domain and authorize an SSL certificate to be issued for it. Login to the chosen email account, open the email, and click the approve link. If an email does not arrive, contact Ellie Mae support. If you are having difficulties getting the email to come through, try following Ellie Mae's guide for approving SSL certificates on your Consumer Connect custom domain.

  12. Go back to Consumer Connect, and on the "SSL Certificate" page of the modal window, click the "Approve SSL Certificate" link. This will complete the setup of the SSL Certificate. Once finished, clicked the "Done" button.

  13. Your custom domain is now setup. Note: it may take up to 48 hours for the domain to start working correctly so don't be surprised if going to that domain doesn't work right away. If it still doesn't work after 48 hours, repeat the process. If it still doesn't work, contact Ellie Mae support.