Can I default the borrower's Subject Property Address to TBD?

No, however we suggest that lenders remove the Subject Property Address from the application if they'd like to prevent the receipt of a full app through Consumer.

Why is Encompass using the Non-Consumer Connect HTML Templates when Consumer Connect has been enabled?

Four things are needed for a Loan Officer to send the Consumer Connect Email Templates to a borrower from within Encompass:

  1. The Direct Borrowers checkbox in the Encompass Consumer Connect Admin console needs to be checked for an active ECC page.
  2. The Persona of the LO on the Access Tab needs to have both the Windows and Web LO Connect options selected.
  3. On the User Details of the LO at the bottom of the page in the Consumer Connect Site section there has to be an actual site listed. Even if the Use Parent option is selected, there has to be an actual URL for the site listed on the User Details.
  4. A Loan Officer has to be assigned to the loan prior to any communication being sent to the borrowers.

All 4 of these options must be set for the LO to be able to send HTML Email Templates as Consumer Connect Templates. If these are not enabled it will default to Non-Consumer Connect HTML Templates.

Does Consumer Connect have a "Free Consultation" form similar to WebCenter?

There is no out-of-the-box Consultation Form in Consumer Connect, and it is not currently on their roadmap for development. EllieMae's suggested workaround going forward is to do it as a separate workflow that is completely stripped of all the sections that aren't relevant for lead generation. After the workflow is created, you can label it and link to it using a button widget on any of the Consumer Connect pages or on the client's main webpage.

Can you archive and/or delete loan applications from Consumer Connect? If so, can the borrower still see applications that have been deleted or archived from the borrower portal?

Yes, you can archive and delete loan applications inside Consumer Connect. Here are some limitations and things you must know:

  • You can only ARCHIVE and DELETE applications that have not yet been submitted. You do this inside Consumer Connect by clicking on the "Incomplete Apps" link in the left side menu, finding the loan, and then clicking either the archive or delete button.
  • If you ARCHIVE a loan inside Consumer Connect, the borrower WILL still have access to the loan from the portal. The borrower can complete archived applications and submit them to Encompass.
  • If you DELETE an application from Consumer connect, the borrower WILL NOT still have access to the loan from the portal. Their application will disappear.
  • If you DELETE or ARCHIVE a loan from inside Encompass (NOT FROM INSIDE CONSUMER CONNECT), this WILL NOT have any effect on the loan application inside Consumer Connect. The borrower will still have access to their application inside the CC Borrower Portal.

Can I add to my SPF record in my DNS zone file for custom domains so emails look like they come from us when sent from Consumer Connect and TPO Connect?

Yes, here is what you can add to your SPF record:

You can utilize the ip4 mechanism to add the following for Consumer Connect and TPO Connect:
ip4 range: - 234
ip4 range: - 16