The LTK Team has received an API Key from Ellie Mae for initiating access to your Encompass API. LTK's access to the Encompass API is required for several of our solutions including Connector workflow & communication automation and Landing Page integrations (Reg B, surveys etc).

Your API Client ID is XXXXXX

In order to finalize access, we need for you to complete the following steps:

Create new user profile

  1. On the Organization/Users screen, in the upper panel, click to select an organization folder to which to add the user. You may need to expand the hierarchy to locate the folder.
  2. In the lower panel [Enabled Users], click the New icon.
  3. On the User Details screen, in the left panel, type a User ID.
  4. Select the API User check box.
  5. Enter the API Client ID listed above.
    *Please note, the “API Client ID" is different from your "Encompass Client ID".
  6. Follow the remaining steps in the Add a User process below as applicable.
  7. Assign at least one persona that will allow reading/writing to specific loan files. The LTK can help guide you for this step based on the solutions you will be accessing.
  8. After the user is created, please an email to let us know these steps were completed.

Some Notes...

  • When adding a new user, you will be required to assign a persona to this user. You can assign multiple personas, but at least one of the personas must be set up with permission to access LO Connect in order for this user to access the your Encompass instance via the APIs.
  • To enable LO Connect for a persona, in the Personas setting, select the persona, click the Access tab, select Both Microsoft Windows Encompass Client and Encompass Mobile (LO Connect in a web browser), and click Save.)
  • The new user does not allow LTK to login directly to your Encompass instance. Therefore none of the access rights defined in the persona will come into play.
  • New users indicated as an "API User" as described here count against your enabled user license limits as described above.