Here is how you create a new help doc:

  1. Login to TeamWork and click on the icon that looks like 9 dots (3 rows of 3 dots) on the top right of the screen.

  2. Click on “Desk” icon. You will need a user account in Desk in order to access this site. This is not the same as your TeamWork Projects account.


  3. Click on “Help Docs” in the top navigation.

  4. Click the “Add Article” button on the far right.


  5. Add a brief title that describes what the help doc is for.

  6. Click the pencil icon next to the slug and rename the slug to something short that describes the article. Must be all lowercase, one word. Use dashes where the spaces should be.

  7. Type the content for your help document in the body. Use numbered steps and try to include as many screenshots as possible. Try to make your help doc easy to understand and follow.

  8. Choose a category for the help doc in the right side column. Try not to choose more than one unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. You may add a new category if you feel your article doesn't fit into any of these predefined categories.


  9. If you would like to add keywords to your article, click the "Keywords" tag. Any words added here will make your article appear in the search results when someone searches for one of those keywords.

  10. When finished, click "Publish" on the top right if you want your help doc to go live. If you do not want to publish it live to the web, click "Save" instead and it will save your help doc as a draft. Clicking "Save" does not publish the help doc to the web.


  11. Your help doc is now published to the LTK Help Docs site at! After clicking the publish button, a "Preview" button will appear in place of where the "Publish" button once was. You can click the "Preview" button to see the live version of your help doc. You can also change the status from Draft to Published by selecting the status you want in the dropdown and clicking "Save". You can also delete the article by clicking the "Delete" link.