Do you get the annoying popup message that says "Installing VC++ 2015..." when you open Encompass? It's very annoying! When you install VC++ 2017 (which comes with software like Visual Studio 2017), the VC++ 2015 Installation popup will appear every time you open Encompass, even if it's already installed. Here's a quick an easy way to disable it:


  1. Make sure you're logged into your computer as an administrator and have the ability to alter your Windows registry.

  2. If you have antivirus software, it will probably block the download of this file because it has a ".reg" file in it. You might have to disable your antivirus temporarily until this file has updated your system. If you'd rather not disable your antivirus, you can update your registry manually by following the steps in the next section.

  3. Download the following file:

  4. Extract the "VC_2015_Update.reg" file from the downloaded zip to somewhere on your hard drive (such as your desktop)

  5. Open the "VC_2015_Update.reg" file.

  6. Agree/click yes to any popups saying something like "It's unsafe to alter your registry, are you sure you want to do this?"

  7. You're all done!


  1. Right click your desktop, hover over "New >", and choose "Text Document"

  2. Right click the "New Text Document.txt" file you just created on your desktop and choose "Edit".

  3. The file should open it Notepad. Copy and paste the following line into the text file:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  4. Click File->Save

  5. Exit Notepad

  6. Right click the "New Text Document.txt" file again and select "Rename"

  7. Erase the full name of the file (including the .txt extension" and rename it "VCUpdate.reg". The ".reg" extension is very important.

  8. Right click "VCUpdate.reg" and click "Merge". If that option is unavailable, just double click on the file and open it.

  9. If you get a popup saying "This file is making changes to your computer...", click "Yes"

  10. Next you'll get a "Registry Editor" popup that says something like "Adding informatipon can unintentionally change or delete values and cause components to start working correctly. Are you sure you want to continue?" Click "Yes"

  11. If it worked, it will looked like nothing happened.