Note: following this process for any PowerTool will always install the latest version

  1. Login to Encompass using a Super Administrator login.

  2. In the main top Encompass menu, click "Encompass -> LTK PowerTools..."

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  3. By default, the PowerTools™ settings button only appears to super admins. Using the screenshot below, follow these directions:
    1. Click the "Settings" button on the top right.
    2. Click the PowerTools Expert Tab.
    3. If Code Wizard is turned "ON", click the "OFF" button for Code Wizard. If it's already turned "OFF", skip this step.
    4. Click the "ON" button for Code Wizard.
    5. A popup will appear asking you if you want to import an EMPKG PowerTool. Click the OK button.
    6. Another popup may appear telling you the new license number for Code Wizard (depending what PowerTools version you have). Click the OK button. When the tool is finished installing, another popup will appearing telling you the module was successfully installed. Click the OK button.
    7. Click the OK button in the PowerTools settings to close out of the settings.
    8. Close out of PowerTools.
    9. Restart Encompass, and you should now have a working version of Code Wizard. Note: each user will need to restart their Encompass to load the updated version of Code Wizard
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